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General Votel: A Keynote Speaker for Leadership, National Security and Global Affairs

Meet General Votel, a retired U.S. Army four-star general officer with nearly four decades of distinguished service and a globally recognized leader in national security. His expertise also extends to the private sector, making him an invaluable authority for both the public and private sectors.

General Votel offers valuable insights into geopolitical trends, emerging threats, and the far-reaching impact of global events on business operations. Whether your audience comprises business executives, civic organizations, industry associations, or national security professionals, General Votel’s message transcends boundaries and industries, inspiring individuals to lead with integrity, confront challenges with confidence, and adapt to the dynamic forces shaping our world.

Effective Leadership is principally about inclusiveness and trust. People want to contribute to solutions … and they want to know that their leaders are looking out for them. It is the leader’s job to create the culture and environment that allows this to happen.

— General Joe Votel

What General Votel is Speaking About


Drawing from his extensive leadership experience, he emphasizes the critical importance of adaptability and flexibility in leadership, highlighting the need for leaders to navigate complex and ever-changing situations with resilience. His leadership philosophy centers on trust, relationships, communication, alignment, and culture as crucial pillars of success.

Risk Management and Resilience

He underscores the necessity for all types of organizations to proactively anticipate and ready themselves for unexpected challenges by engaging in risk assessment, implementing risk mitigation strategies, and fortifying organizational resilience.

Public/Private Sector Collaboration

With leadership experience spanning both the private and public sectors, he emphasizes the vital necessity for leaders in both business and government to come together and collaborate in tackling the nation’s most complex and urgent national security challenges.

National Security and Global Affairs

Leveraging his profound knowledge of national security and global affairs, he offers valuable perspectives on geopolitical shifts, emerging threats, and the implications of international developments on corporate activities. He underscores the significance of diplomacy, collaboration with allies, and tackling worldwide issues like climate change, pandemics, and regional security conflicts.

Counterterrorism and Special Operations

When addressing experts and professionals in the fields of counterterrorism and special operations, he sheds light on both effective and ineffective operations, tactics, and strategies employed to combat threats posed by terrorist organizations.

Crisis Management and Decision Making

Utilizing his wealth of experience in crisis management and high-pressure decision-making, he offers valuable insights into effective crisis management strategies, decision-making methodologies, and the art of maintaining calm during demanding circumstances.


Book General Votel

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, leadership summit, educational conference, or other gathering where inspiration and leadership are paramount, he is the ideal speaker to elevate your occasion.


Book General Votel

If you’re organizing a corporate event, leadership summit, an exclusive roundtable engagement, or any gathering where inspiration and leadership take center stage, General Joe Votel is the perfect choice to enhance your event.