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About General Joe Votel

General Votel is a distinguished military leader celebrated for his visionary strategies and inspirational leadership. His unwavering commitment to service has shaped critical operations and fostered international relationships, leaving a profound impact on military strategy and global diplomacy.


Relationships have to be continuously developed. They are not a fire-and-forget proposition. You must nurture, maintain, and sustain them over time. This is how you build trust.

— General Joe Votel

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Monday Briefing: More strains in US-Israel ties after cease-fire talks fail and Rafah military operations start

What He's Speaking About

Risk Management
and Resilience


Public/Private Sector Collaboration

National Security
and Global Affairs

and Special Operations

Crisis Management
and Decision Making

What He's Listening to Now

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Israel-Gaza War & US Threats: Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell with Beth Sanner, Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration at the Office of The Director of National Intelligence

JOCKO Podcast

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